Introduction of characteristics, specifications and uses of pneumatic shaft

The air expansion shaft is a special winding and unwinding shaft. After high-pressure inflation, the surface part can expand, and the surface part quickly retracts after deflation. The inflatable shaft and the inflatable sleeve are extremely convenient and fast to use. This inflatable shaft only requires the user to prepare the air source. The air pressure of the inflatable shaft is controlled in the range of 6-8kg. When the reel core needs to be locked, only the air gun is needed. The air nozzle on the inflatable shaft can be inflated. When you need to relax the reel core, press the sliding air core on the air nozzle on the inflatable shaft to deflate.

Classification: Inflatable shafts are divided into keyed inflatable shafts, plate inflatable shafts, dotted inflatable shafts, aluminum alloy inflatable shafts, gas nail shafts, etc.


  1. Short inflation operation time for the inflatable shaft: the separation and placement of the inflatable shaft and the paper tube can complete the inflation and deflation in only 3 seconds. The inflatable shaft can be tight without disassembling any parts on the shaft end. Engage with the paper tube.
  2. The paper tube of the air expansion shaft is easy to place: the air expansion shaft can move and fix any position of the paper tube on the shaft surface with the action of inflation and deflation.
  3. Large load-bearing capacity of pneumatic bearing: the size of the shaft diameter can be determined according to the actual needs of customers, and high-hardness steel is used to increase the load-bearing capacity.
  4. High economic efficiency of the air expansion shaft: The shaft is designed as a special function, and the air expansion shaft can be used for all kinds of thick, thin, wide and narrow paper tubes.
  5. The air shaft is easy to maintain and has a long time of use: Although the air shaft is a mechanical accessory, each part in its own structure has a fixed specification and can be used interchangeably, making it easy to maintain.

Inflatable shaft specifications: 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, inflatable sleeve, etc. Inflatable shafts of different specifications can be processed and produced according to customer needs
Wide range of uses: any machine with rewinding, unwinding and slitting can be used with inflatable shafts.
Suitable for printing equipment: Exposure machine, flexo printing machine, gravure machine, trademark printing machine and so on.


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