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Short length 120mm 3inch to 6inch length 120mm air shaft adapter

The inflatable sleeve clamp is suitable for the retracting and unwinding of related machinery such as coating, printing, rewinding, papermaking, and plastics. Especially in the occasions where the three- and six-inch air expansion shafts are frequently used and the load is light, it shows its superiorit

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Name:3”   vs 6”Lug Type Air Adaptor
Model:Lug   Type
Expanding elements:Rubber Lugs/Aluminum Lugs/Steel Lugs
Outer Diameter of Adaptor:150mm(can be customized)
Inner Diameter of Adaptor:75mm-76mm(can be customized)
Adaptor BodyAluminum
Cover/Half RingAluminum


The key inflatable sleeve clamp is a keyless coupling device. The 3-inch to 6-inch inflatable sleeve clamp is just one of the inflatable sleeve clamps. It works by the principle of high-strength tension bolts. A huge holding force is generated between the ring and the shaft, and between the outer ring and the hub to realize the keyless connection of the machine and the shaft. When under load, the torque, axial force or the combined load of the two are transmitted by the combined pressure of the expansion sleeve, the machine, the shaft and the accompanying friction force. Many people know the function of the inflatable shaft. The 3-inch to 6-inch inflatable shaft sleeve clamp is not applicable to all machines that have winding, unwinding, and slitting.

Key type inflatable shaft sleeve clamps are widely used in: slitting machine, die cutting machine, rewinder, paper tube machine, bag making machine, laminating machine, laminating machine, film blowing machine, foaming machine, laminating machine , Embossing machine, paper machine, non-woven fabric machine, cloth inspection machine, hot stamping machine and other winding and unwinding machinery.


Technical Parameters:

The outer diameter of air shaft adaptor is Φ150mm, after expanding,the outer diameter is Φ157mm, the inner diameter of paper tube is Φ152.4±0.2mm, adaptor length is 300MM usually, and special size can be customized.




Technique parameter 

Specification3”vs 6”   pneumatic adapter3”vs 8”   pneumatic adapter3”vs 10”   pneumatic adapter3”vs 12”   pneumatic adapter
External Diameter Without Air Inflating(Φmm)150mm200mm250mm302mm
External Diameter With Air Inflating(Φmm)157mm-158mm208mm258mm312mm
Applicable Internal Diameter of Tube(Φmm)151mm-152.4mm202mm-203mm252mm-253mm305mm
Weight Calculation(KG)9.5kgNeeds to calculate speciallyNeeds to calculate peciallyNeeds to calculate specially




Order Details

Item Name3 inch To 6 inch Lug Type Air Shaft Adapter
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)1Pc
Lead time8-12 days after receiving the deposit
Calculated Weight4kg/Pc(Aluminum Body)
PackageWooden Tube/Wooden Box
Price TermEXW,FOB, CIF, etc
Payment termTT,L/C,Western Union
Country of OriginChina



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